Crunching Numbers—and Pickles

New Jersey Monthly August 2015

Two Augusts ago, during a fantasy-football draft, Evan Machowsky reached into his friend Josh Siber’s fridge for a beer. His hand landed on an unlabeled Mason jar packed with green beans in clear liquid. Intrigued, he helped himself to a bean. Pleasingly crisp, it displayed a gamut of brisk flavors: salt, vinegar, dill and garlic. He loved it.

Siber has always been fascinated with food and cooking. The Manalapan native, 28, an equity research analyst at Morgan Stanley, spends his free time experimenting with recipes, from breakfast to cocktails. In 2011, he came across a recipe for pickled green beans and gave it a whirl, “just for fun.” They were a hit. “I would make a big batch of pickled green beans every spring or summer,” Siber says. “My friends loved them.”

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