The Mystique of Sleep

New Jersey Monthly November 2015

The room has all the amenities you’d expect at a good hotel: freshly laundered blanket tucked into the sides of a queen-sized bed, dark wood headboard, reading lamp, leather armchair, flat-screen television, private bathroom.

But on the bedside table, there’s a machine with a tube snaking out its side. On the wall alongside the television, video cameras are trained on the bed. And then there’s the stainless-steel tray table of disinfecting wipes, cotton swabs, lengths of tape and gauze, dabs of adhesive goop and a collection of long, multi-colored wires.

Welcome to the sleep lab at Saint Barnabas Sleep Center at Madison. Jack Li is here tonight for his second sleep study with help from Kerry Kelley, the lead sleep technician at the lab.

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