Left Behind: New Jersey’s Dental-Care Gap (NJ Monthly)
For Special Needs Population, Oral Health is a Struggle (NJ Monthly)
With RoundTrip, the Driver will See You Now (NJ Monthly)
Kula for Karma: Yoga for At-Risk Groups (NJ Monthly)
The Mystique of Sleep (NJ Monthly)
Growth Business: Inside Montclair’s Medical Marijuana Dispensary (NJ Monthly)
Cannabis Conundrum (NJ Monthly & Editor’s Pick on Longreads)
Medical Marijuana Patients One Step Closer to Edibles (NJ Monthly)


Mindful Classrooms: Teaching Kids to Cope, One Breath at a Time (NJ Monthly)
The Fragile Generation: Handling Food Allergies in Public Schools (NJ Monthly)
Shedding Light on Autism in Ghana (NJ Monthly)
Are Public School Teachers Entitled to Free Speech? (NJ Monthly, online)
Higher Ed, High Ideals: History of Women’s Education in New Jersey (NJ Monthly)


Fairy Tale Fortresses: Castles of New Jersey (NJ Monthly)
A Utopia Goes Down in Flames (NJ Monthly)
White House Gardens are Home to Politics, Pleasures and Whimsy (NJ Monthly)
Hercules Powder Company Kenvil Works: The Blast That Rocked NJ
(NJ Monthly)
A Tree Grows in Jersey: History of Rockefeller Center Christmas Trees (NJ Monthly)
Environmentalist Poet Joyce Kilmer: Rooted in Mahwah (NJ Monthly)
Presidential Timber (NJ Monthly & Monmouth University Magazine)


Roughing it Without the Rough (NJ Monthly)
Agri-Cycling: Gearing up for Tour de Farm (NJ Monthly)
Skin in the Game: A Day at Sandy Hook’s Gunnison Beach (NJ Monthly)
The Ultimate NJ HIking Guide
(NJ Monthly)
Axe Your Worries Away at Stumpy’s Hatchet House (NJ Monthly)
Chasing Waterfalls (NJ Monthly)
Rapid Transit: Taking the Plunge with Extreme Canoers
(NJ Monthly)
When Elephants Fly (NJ Monthly)
Guide to Path and Park Systems in Morris County (Patch)



Farm to Market: A Day with Central Valley Farm (NJ Monthly)
Healthy Boardwalk Food (NJ Monthly)
Sweet Talk: 6 Scrumptious Chocolate Shops
(NJ Monthly)
Brew It Yourself
(NJ Monthly)
Crunching Numbers—and Pickles (NJ Monthly)
Local Farms, Locally Funded
(NJ Monthly)
A Toast to Taylor Ham, Egg & Cheese
(NJ Monthly)
Serving Innuendo: Cups Frozen Yogurt
(NJ Monthly)
Oasis in the Food Desert: Camden City Garden Club (NJ Monthly)
Earn Your Pumpkin Degree (NJ Monthly)
David Todd’s City Tavern (Quick Bite, NJ Monthly)
Millie’s Old World Meatballs & Pizza (Quick Bite, NJ Monthly)
The Weirdest Foods From Around the World (Her Campus)



King of Fantasy: George R.R. Martin (NJ Monthly)
Charlie Puth: Rumson’s Pop Prodigy (NJ Monthly)
Creating Art From Sandy’s Wreckage (NJ Monthly)
New Mercer Stage Takes a Bow (NJ Monthly)
Literary Locales This Fall (NJ Monthly)
Book Fest Bound for Morristown (NJ Monthly)
Weehawken’s Lasting Legacy (NJ Monthly)
How An ABC Family Show Tackled Campus Rape In An Honest & Real Way
(Refinery 29)
15 End of Summer Music Festivals (MTV Iggy)
The Top Ten People Most Likely to Become the Next Justin Bieber (MTV Iggy)
The “Persian Version” of the Jersey Shore (MTV Iggy)
Rest in Peace Christopher Wallace (Her Campus Bowdoin)
Top Ten Movies Set in New Jersey (Patch)


Driving the Saudis by Jayne Amelia Larson (NJ Monthly)
The Good Cop by Brad Parks (NJ Monthly)
Cover of Snow by Jenny Milchman (NJ Monthly)
Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline (NJ Monthly)
The Turncoat by Donna Thorland (NJ Monthly)
Carthage by Joyce Carol Oates (NJ Monthly)
Sea of Shelves (personal blog)


The Dog Whisperer Live (NJ Monthly)
Funny Or Die Oddball Comedy Festival (NJ Monthly)
Million Dollar Quartet Live Worth the Ticket (NJ Monthly)
Off-Roading Amid the Beasts at Six Flags Wild Safari (NJ Monthly)
Lady Gaga @ Madison Square Garden (MTV Iggy)
Robyn, Kelis, Dan Brown and Far East Movement @ Webster Hall (MTV Iggy)


Femme Fatale by Britney Spears (Her Campus Bowdoin)
Shinobi Ninja EP (MTV Iggy)


Game of Thrones Wedding Buzz: Sansa Stark’s Winter Wedding (NJ Bride)
Sole Men: Rago Brothers & The Luxury Leather Industry
(NJ Monthly)
Stylephile: A Dress for Every Occasion (NJ Monthly)
Stylephile: Boutique 161 Mom & Daughter Duo (NJ Monthly)
A Surprise Guest (NJ Bride)
Keratin Treatment: Everything You Need to Know
(Her Campus)


Q&A with George R. R. Martin, author of A Song of Ice and Fire (NJ Monthly, online)
Q&A with Noelle Skodzinski, editor of Cannabis Business Times (NJ Monthly)
Q&A with Patti Stanger, reality star, Millionaire Matchmaker (NJ Monthly)
Q&A with Rob Fusari, music producer (NJ Monthly)
Far East Movement, artist (video interview, MTV Iggy)


Saving Seats at Sage Eldercare (NJ Monthly)
Fall Getaway: Cozying up to Chester (NJ Monthly)
Back to the Beach Post-Sandy: 2013 Jersey Shore Guide
(NJ Monthly)
A Feast of Fall Festivals (NJ Monthly)
Lap of Luxury: Morris Animal Inn (NJ Monthly)
The Top Ten Bars in Morristown (Patch)


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